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  • Who is Weak Dick Soap For?

    Who is Weak Dick Soap For?

    A sea of shitty ex's, ghostly hinge dates, and repulsive bosses come to mind. But really, it's more for the gratification of sending this prank gift than receiving it. You can send Weak Dick to anyone, and trust me, these things get sent to any and everyone... but if you need a little ✨inspiration✨ I have a couple thoughts...
  • What is Cold Processed Soap?

    What is Cold Processed Soap?

    Cold processed soap is created without any additional heating methods outside of the natural chemical process that takes place when the oils, fats, and lye are mixed together. This is called ✨ saponification ✨.
  • Handmade Bar Soap Gag Gift Prank Gift

    Gag Gifts Don't Have to Make You Gag!

    The number one problem with gag gifts: beyond the initial shock, most prank gifts are useless! One quick joke and the fun is over. This is why we decided to create a product that was both a great gag gift idea and a memorable present your victim will learn to enjoy! 😈